Q: Why do I need to open an account ?

A: Opening an account is the only way to obtain the download links from Ed's Trains Online products in your my account area and other features.


Q: What is MSTS Bin & WHY Do I need it ?

A: MSTS Bin was a wonderful little gift to all the Train Sim Community, created originally by Kujo but someone figured out the coding, to create some wonderful additions to the models.

Why do I need it? Well Bin allows the user of the game to actually open car doors, move mirrors, have engine cabs that turn lights on inside in tunnels automatically, and reversible cabs for bi-directional engines. These options of course are only available if the modeller has incorporated them into the model, which at Tigertrains.com we do, unless specified in the description of product. ie: Bin Features: NONE

To obtain your new MSTS Bin goto: http://mstsbin.uktrainsim.com/index.htm

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