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Since the beginning I have had a small Interest in Trains but since this game came out I have gotten a large interest in it, and as time progressed I have managed to paint some third party engines from other users.  Also Located at Ed's Freeware section along with some of Gaetan Belanger's material.

But now is the time I started to get involved with making them using Train Sim Modeler©.

My First project was a large Pack of Canadian Pacific EMD SD40-2 which is very common and at that time Canadian Pacific had well over 500 SD40 and SD40-2 Units EMD GP 40-2 in Canadian Pacific and Canadian National with ex roads like EX Detroit and Ironton Grand Trunk.

Another Project was working for Maple Leaf Tracks and the Shushwap Subdivision I created a two pack EMD SD40-2's in Canadian Pacific and Canadian National 2 Canadian Pacific EMD GP9’s, Canadian Pacific EMD GP35 I also created 2 cabooses for the route.

Our next projects were EMD GP 7 / 9 from various companies Illinois Central, Central Vermont, Canadian National, Grand Trunk, Rock Island, Union Pacific, Canadian Pacific Soo Line, Chicago North Western, Dakota Minnesota & Eastern, Western Pacific, Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo.  Some of these sets were delivered at different time throughout the last several years I then was able to get a partnership with another company to create the Wheeling and Lake Erie train set with an EMD SD40-2 and coal cars, Union Pacific EMD SD40-2 and the Union Pacific EMD SD40-2 Snoot nose, Chicago North Western EMD SD40-2, Norfolk Southern EMD SD40-2 High Hoods

During which 3D Trains created the Western Pacific Route which I created EMD GP40-2 and EMD GP9's as an add-on to that route.  All in between these units were another project done for Maple Leaf Tracks which included Canadian National EMD SD70M-2 Canadian National GE ES4400 DC and Canadian National EMD GP9rm with a GP9 Slug Canadian National Caboose.  A very Large Union Pacific EMD SD50 / 60 Set was created with a total of 22 units with different road names, Ex Southern Pacific, Union Pacific, Missouri Pacific, and Ex Denver Rio Grande which was also split up into 2 pieces for easier purchasing.

Another EMD SD50 / 60 Units were made with Norfolk Southern and some EX Conrail units.  Also made were Chicago North Western EMD SD50 / 60 Units

EMD SD70M-2 Unit were made after the release of another Maple Leaf Tracks product of the Greater Toronto Area which include some portions of the Canadian Bala Subdivision in which I created the some of the Building, Go Transit F59PH and Go Transit Bilevel engines and cars. Canadian National EMD SD70M-2 and Canadian National GE ES4400 DC were added from the Bala Sub Division Route. I then later made the Greater Toronto Area Upgrade which included several new buildings in different locations also added the Leaside Bridge, Toronto Transit Commission, Go Transit, and Grey Hound Busses as well as a Toronto Transit Commission Handicap vehicle and the Toronto Transit Commission CLRV Style Street Car.

After which time another project from Maple Leaf Tracks came out called Soldier Summit, here I was able to create Utah Railway EMD SD40-2 Utah Railway EMD SD45-2 and a Utah Railway F45, also added to that route which were a brand new Denver Rio Grande EMD SD50 and Denver Rio Grande EMD SD40-2T Denver Rio Grande EMD GP40-2, After the release of this route I then created and add-on pack of Utah Railway EMD GP40 and Utah Railway MK50-3 units.

I was then at a slow part where I didn't do much but try to create other projects which are still in the barn, I then created the Rocky Mountaineer Train set with the Custom Dome car at the rear.  Canadian Pacific EMD SD90 Mac-IIH and Union Pacific EMD SD90 Mac-IIH units were designed as our last project for now new projects are still in the works. I have seen enough American style engines with Canadian paint schemes on them, well now is the time.  They started looking a bit more like the actual Canadian engines this was my thought many years ago and is becoming a reality.

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